is an exciting virtual journey to the coastline of South America and deep into the Amazon forest.
Neftchilar 34, Seaside Boulevard
+994 50 285 00 21
Open daily 18:00 till 02:00
Set in a dramatic triple height space with theatrical lighting and dramatic interiors inspired by the colours
of the deep rain forest with its rich fauna and flora. Intricate vertical elements of coconut and palm wood timbers evoke tree canopies, while textured exotic leathers and vibrant flashes of bright turquoise and orange recall the fleeting movements of colourful birds and giant butterflies in the branches.
A DJ station and performance stage host live events and international guest artists through the year.
The outside terrace, decked in hardwood timber and stylish, comfortable furniture for lounging the night away, offers superb views over the water.
...A surreal space overlooking the sea, suspended in the trees between earth and sky, at the top of the Sahil building, right in the heart of Baku.The impressive bar counter is clad in emerald glass mosaics shimmering with purple and gold reflections to evoke the scales of a giant anaconda; while mystical wood carving and tribal ceramics from Peru, Chile and Brasil provide an eclectic mix of cultural references from lost civilisations.
The PASIFICO menu is prepared by a culinary team that is as multi-cultural and diverse as this fascinating continent. It offers a playful assortment of exotic flavours and specialties from South America include Peruvian ceviche and sushi, Brasilian salads and grills, Argentinian steaks and empanadas, Chilean seafood and desserts.
Selected dishes from the menu
Surf & Turf
Fillet steak grilled to your liking, topped with grilled tiger prawn on bed of creamy spinach and pepper butter sauce

39 AZN
Seafood Salad
Lettuce, lollo rosso, baby calamar, shrimps, cherry tomato, pesto, lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, black pepper, parmesan cheese.

14 AZN
Shrimps Ceviche
Shrimps, red onion, mango pure, lime. The mango adds a sweet toquecito to the ceviche.

16 AZN
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Every Wednesday
Hey Ladies, Wednesday is your day! It means that you can get a free shisha! Enjoy your day at Pasifico!
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+994 50 285 00 21
Neftchilar 34, Seaside Boulevard, Baku
Sunday - Thursday 18:00 - 00:00, Friday & Saturday 18:00 - 06:00